The Hard Road to Awesomeness!

Hey guys, my name is Dragos and welcome to today’s topic:

“The Road to Awesomeness!”

“WHA?! You, Dragos, in the internet world, are invisible! You can’t say sh*t about awesomeness!” (*says every troll ever).

True! Very true. None the less, I’d like to take the time to detail some of the things I’m currently using for this project that might be helpful for someone later if I DO become awesome or maybe even find someone nice enough to help me improve where I’m lacking.

**WARNING : Section is a tad boring because it could prove useful information for someone somewhere**

So The Roamographer project will work on 4 platforms : WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.

First off, is this current website with my blog entries. I’ll post pictures here that are also available on my Instagram (just to tie in the whole thing). All the pictures are Dragos’s originals (me). I’ll also post when possible, if needed, videos that are coming from Youtube (again, full circle). This is more of the text side of whole project where I’ll let you know what goes on through my thick head.

Second platform is Instagram. These are my “once a day” posts about one moment in my day worth sharing. Sometimes, I’ll post older pictures that are also worth sharing because even if you don’t have a perfect day every day, you can still go back a remember those nice moments. I’ll also use the pictures from Instagram in my posts here on the website. I haven’t decided if I will relate every single time to that specific picture when posting. Again, it’s a road where one defines who they are online.

Third is Facebook. Truth be told, I think I’ll only use this for recent posts either on the website or Youtube (not Instagram). I won’t send out newsletters or anything like that. It’s a lot of work and Facebook is great to let you know the latest news. I’ll check your comments there if any.

Finally, Youtube! Oh Youtube. The stress of my life. I’ve been thinking forever about starting a Youtube channel, but there’s already so much great content like JackScepticEye and Pewdipie that it’s hard to even think about competing. So I waited. And waited… and didn’t do sh*t. Until NOW. I’m not thinking about competing anyone there anymore, I just want to do my own stuff. Basically, two things will happen there. One is TheRoamographer Project. Second is gaming. I love gaming. After I’m done with this first series, I’ll start the whole gaming thing. it requires a different setup then just a camera and a nice charming face like mine.

Besides the platforms, there’s material and softwares. I use Photoshop for my pictures to adjust a bit the lighting on it and so. Every now and then, I’ll feel creative and do the “When life gives you lemons” picture modifications as you can see in that post.

For videos, I’m lost. I do have Premier Pro. (Woah man… feeling rich?! Nope. Just comes with the suit that I also use for work. So I maximise the use of available tools). Do I know how to use it?! I’ll learn at one point. So bare with me if the videos aren’t perfect. I’m sure I’ll get it at one point.

As for collecting pictures and videos. Mainly, I try to use my camera as much as possible, which is a Nikon D3100. Awesome gift I got from a person very close to my heart. But with what’s coming next, I fear I’ll have to change it for something better suited. Add to it also my cellphone. A bit aged at the moment (Samsung S4). Again, I’ll have to upgrade at some point. And my laptop. That’s all I have at the moment. If by some miracle this whole thing generates any kind of revenue, I’ll invest in material. Until then, I have my charming smile, awesome writing skills and whatever luck I get when I push the button on the camera with my eyes closed hoping something nice will come out.

As I upgrade stuff, I’ll come back here to list it like a software update. e.g.”Update 1.0 : changed X “

From this point on, it’s all about the audience out there and if you like what you see. I’ll do my best and with a bit of luck, this will really become my road to AWESOMENESS. (F*ck you troll if I’m right!).

Dragos out!

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