When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey guys, my name is Dragos and welcome to today’s topic:

“Lemons, so many lemons!”

Tthose lemons your friends and family talk to you about when your life is messed up. I know. It’s dreadful to hear every time and although filled with good intentions, if you’re not in the mood to hear it, nothing will make things better.So, what happens when life gives you lemons? YOU MAKE A LEMONADE! (f*ck off happy go lucky person!) No, when life gives you lemons, you usually pour the juice on your cuts, because self pity is just plain reasonable during those hard times. And 2016 was one hell of year, down to the very VERY end. (I won’t get into details).

Truth is, there’s a limit at how much you can soak in your lemon juice and at one point, you must get out of it and make a lemonade. (It’s hateful, I know).

So how do you make it work? First off, you can’t make a lemonade right now. Like every other recipe in the book, you need other ingredients. Move away from the lemons and concentrate on reachable stuff.

Here’s what I did after I got my lemons. After soaking in that juice for almost two months with all my cuts and bruises, I made a list of things that (might) make me happy. Every day, I tried to do one of those things to try and get a smile on my face. As simple as enjoying a coffee in a coffee shop, read a book, stuff your face with your favorite dessert or stop and listening to a musician on the street. At one point, you will start smiling like and idiot and THAT is a victory. Make that list as if it was your bucket list before you die. Add to it unresolved issues and tick them off. That list is part of your ingredients. Once you start feeling a little bit better, you will see that your perspective on those lemons might have changed a bit and you might see an opportunity. I know I did.

“Is this proven research with a psychologist backing the data?” (*says the troll). Of course, not you retarded idiot. It’s a blog based on personal experience. If you relate to it and it helps, great. If it doesn’t, sit your ass on a chair and talk to an expert and stop reading blogs!

TheRoamographer project and what will come in the next couple of weeks is my lemonade. Still a tad bitter. But at one point, I’ll make it sweeter. Depends if life trows more lemons or not.

Yours truly,


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