Hey guys, my name is Dragos and welcome to today’s topic:

“TheRoamographer Series”

Before moving on, I’ll let you all know that there are older posts that I decided to delete as they were more practice posts for helping build the style of this blog. It’s fairly complicated to find the correct tone (or at least, a tone I enjoy enough to read through). I kept only the first two that give somewhat of an introduction, background on the project and where this is coming from. But I realized that it’s still fairly hazy as to what the project is all about and this is what I’ll try to clear up.

I have only one mission through this project: capture amazing moments, share them with you and encourage you to do the same. That’s the idea of the Roamographer.

I’ll start it off with some moment from my everyday life while I also get ready for a pretty awesome trip. Most of those “everyday” moments are already on my Instagram, but you can find some more insights here as I tell you some of the stories behind those moments.

For how this whole thing is setup, have a read through “The Hard Road to Awesomeness“.

What to expect from this project?

Just a nice read, hopefully funny as well, based on the moments I’m sharing with you. Behind every picture, there’s a story and that’s mainly what I’ll write about. The picture that kind of made my day.

This is basically the last post that is a but more general and detail oriented on what the project does. Next post is going to be the first one that start the blog and the tone will be a lot lighter.

Feel free to share, like and even send me an email about suggestions and questions. I’ll be more than happy to reply!

That’s it!

Dragos out!

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