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Climbing the Ladder

Hey guys!

My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic:

Climbing the Ladder.

First off, I took the picture featured here back in February 2017 while I was on a trip for work in Vancouver. (I know it doesn’t look like that, but it’s true! I just took the weekend off to go up North). This picture is quite a nice representation of what we sometimes must go through before reaching higher, nicer places.

But before I got up there, let me tell you about that perfect weekend you get once in a while and that boost you more than two weeks fattening up in an all-inclusive. (For those interested, this it’s the Squamish Chief Trail that gives off this amazing view provided you climb FOREVER).

After recently going through a pretty tough break up, I was looking forward to go to work in Vancouver for 2 weeks as a very needed change of pace. I’ll admit by this time, I was already doing a lot better, but nonetheless, Vancouver for me means also weekends in Whistler. How can you not look forward to it?! Seriously, less than 1h30 out, you have no excuse not to go and make it one hell of a weekend!

I had my colleague that joined me for the weekend where we had the pleasure of sleeping at the Squamish Hostelling International Hostel. We both work for the network, so we have some perks. But given that everything was booked, we had the pleasure of sleeping in a 6-bed dorm mainly occupied by active snowboarders and skiers. How did I know they were active? Well, let’s just say the dorm smelled healthy. It’s been a while for me since I slept in a dorm and the smell came with a lot of great memories.

Both my colleague and I crashed when we finally settled because we were tired. Given that I did have that friendly dorm buddy that likes to snore and talk at the same time. Again, great memories that only made me laugh.

Whistler Black Mountain Snowboarding

We started the next day with Whistler’s very own Blackcomb Mountain (not before getting coffee you animals!). I had my snow, but my colleague had to rent out. After a very stressful start because I managed to drop my glove while walking and started running all over to finally find it (Thank you, kind stranger that left it on a rock!), we were off to a snowboarding day. Let me set you up with the weather. Sunny, -5 to 0 degrees, not very windy and a breath cutting view of the mountains. (Yup, that’s me).

Originally, we planned on doing 3 slopes and take a break, but we managed to get lost/stuck on the wrong side of the mountain. So, we were “forced” to snowboard until 3PM before finally taking a break. We were so tired, so we had obviously had to eat and drink a before. It was quite fun and normally, one would call it a day. And we did… Just at the Scandinave Spa. Remember I said it was a perfect weekend? Well, it’s a pretty great start.

At the spa, we had the pleasure at laughing at your very distinctive “douche” tribe going through their ritual of manhood and competing with who can stay long under the cold waterfall. I’m a man. And I felt like a need to apologize for being a man after witness such sincere lack of “spa etiquette”. Especially the grunts and the “yeah, I can take it!”. Still, it was entertaining for a moment.

Following the spa, we closed it all off at this microbrewery in Squamish (Howe Brewing) where they have huge pizzas and great beers. Saturday was a perfect day. You can’t top it off and it allowed me to relax quite a bit. And I believe it was the same for my colleague.

We started Sunday with some Moksha Yoga. Two things to note here. I’m not flexible and I don’t like heat. So why?! Well, my colleague wanted to go there and I had a hard time coming up with an excuse not to. It was my second time. Given that the first time I did it, I swam in my own sweat. This time, I felt like a cupid in the middle of a fountain with a never-ending stream of sweat. I had fun, really! We moved to brunch by the river at Fergie’s Café. Oh, Fergie. Thank you for showing me the beauty and taste of those perfect benedict eggs.

To finish it all up, we went for a quick hike, which is the feature picture. It’s around 700m+ of denivelation… After brunch came regret, pain and a never ending natural staircase to the top. But then, we got up there and we got that amazing view. It felt like the cherry on a cake to top off our weekend. For a whole weekend, I put off everything. And when I got to the top, there’s this sense of euphoria and lightness. You feel like your problems aren’t that big, that your stress isn’t worth it and that things will always become better. So, we were there, both my colleague and I, enjoying the lightness of the view and that very perfect weekend we just had.

Dragriffin out!

PS. If you read my post on lemons, I was talking about a list at one point. Every now and then, I’ll finish a post with what I checked off my list, like below. Also, you can find all my pictures here which is TheRoamographer’s Pictures.

Today’s item on the list

  • Go snowboarding at Whistler with MY snowboard (no rental)

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