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Taking a Chance

Hey guys!

My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic :

Taking a chance.

The picture I took above is the result of a evening without plans and before I get into what brought me to this fiery drink at Lockhart (Montreal’s new Harry Potter themed bar!), there are a couple of things that happened.

Last days of snow

It was a Friday afternoon and usually, after I’m done with my meetings, I like to go work in a coffee shop to wrap up the week. It just so happens that I also had to meet up with a friend that evening for dinner at Icehouce. So why not move closer? Right? 
For those that were in Montreal on March 24th, you had that nice little snow. So walking was quite pleasant.

After I found a nice little coffee, I set up to work for what little time I had left because obviously, the coffee shop was about to close. It’s one of those hipstery ones that have chairs like back in high school where you have a hard time finding a comfortable position. Yeah, those… I still managed to finish a couple things before I had to meet up with my friend. He wanted to go at Icehouse, because “Ribs”. Do you need any other reason? Not for him.

Now hear me out. I love ribs. But mainly, I love my own ribs that I cook with love and finish on the BBQ with a homemade whiskey sauce and smoked on maple wood. So basically, going to eat ribs at any restaurant is usually unsatisfying and disappointing. Given that my friend really wanted too, I said, “why not”. I tried not to think too much of it while I walk over to Icehouse and instead, enjoy the beautiful snow.

Ribs on the table

Given it’s a small place, we ended up sitting at the bar with a grand view on the kitchen with our beers and a chat about why I kept quiet in the last couple of weeks. The bar is really high and the stools are low. It’s basically the second time I feel like a kid today. It makes me laugh more than anything, so no biggy. After having a heartfelt conversation with my friend, the ribs arrive. They put a brown paper on the bar and literally put the ribs on the table. As soon as the smell hit my nostrils, I took a look at the chef. This guy knows how to treat his ribs with respect. These ribs were something alright. I actually loved them and I ate them with all the respect they deserved (Praise the ribs!).

As my friend goes to the bathroom (and secretly pays the tab. Yeah, he’s that kind of a person. I know, dreadful.) I decided to have a chat with the chef (Shawn). We exchange on ribs tricks, love of ribs and how to be one with the ribs. Basically, a great guy. The chat extends far beyond your regular one where you already paid and should leave. My friend joins in. Forget the rest of the restaurant, we are making a new friend here. One that knows how to make great ribs.

We leave with full bellies and light hearts thanks to Shawn. My friend talks to me about the list I mentioned to him as well. He says he’s going to try it too. He has a bit of a hard shell and would like to get out of it and thinks my list idea might help. I’m genuinely happy for him.

At Lockheart, a line-up is waiting for us. Darn it! Remember the snow? It didn’t stop. We decided to wait anyway, because we are here and although there are a lot of other great bars around, it’s the opening night for this one and curiosity draws us in. While we wait, still on our hype from the ribs and making a new friend, we started a chat with two girls also waiting in line. Given that when you wait for an hour in line, we ended up making new friends yet again.

Passionate Violist

We end up sharing a table with our new friends and drink the night away. We had a violinist playing during the event and before you know it, she gave me her card (Because I had my trusty camera and took some pictures of her. She wanted to have them as well). Which brings us to the stag on fire drink you have here. Lockhart didn’t leave on me as strong of an impression as seeing my friend, who is usually quite shy around strangers, talk and laugh his heart through the night. That’s where the real fire was.

Sometimes, it’s not only about us, it’s about the people that are important to us and seeing them happy as well.

Dragriffin out!

Today’s item on the list

  • Talk to a random stranger

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