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The Things you Leave Behind

Hey guys!

My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic:

The things you leave behind

**I know this article might be a bit more serious, but sometimes, it’s okay. Wouldn’t you agree? You’ll enjoy it anyway! **

We are

The picture here is something I put together back in May when I turned 30 and it represented all the people that were really important to me and that I loved back then. I wasn’t doing all that well, but I was still lucky enough to have them around me. Since then, life happened and it still happens. You know what I mean. F*cken 2016 happened! Some of you understand what I mean.


In the last couple of months, life kept happening, but very differently. I still have a lot of people I care about, but I had to leave behind some people that I really cared about and turn the page to a new chapter of my life. And as I finish packing up, I’m also looking back at what exactly I’m leaving behind and all the things that happened in the last two months alone.

I know, I know… I’m not the first one to take a one-way ticket to go travelling. Thousands did it before and thousand will do it after. But to each their own story, am I right? So here’s mine!

Ever since I decided to go on my trip, I also decided that I wanted to travel with my mind at ease. Which meant making amends were needed and putting to rest any regrets. I also ended up trying a lot of new stuff.

In the last two months, I’ve reconnected with very old friends from back in High School and College that had amazing stories about what they went through in their twenties. I met new friends while bouldering at Bloc Shop that helped me push myself and with whom I enjoyed even more something I already loved. I did CrossFit with amazing people at CrossFit Ahuntsic at least 3 times a week at 6am. It wasn’t so much about the training as the people that are coming there, morning after morning, putting aside their life for one hour and truly having fun and enjoying the company of all those other crazy “bastards” that wake up at 5am to train. Heck, we laughed, we sweated, we worked hard and when all was done, we wished each other a wonderful day and went on with our life. For many of us, it was a much-needed break.

I also discovered what it means to be genuinely happy for someone’s success and go on and celebrate their success thanks to a new friend that has absolutely no notion of how time works. But she sure lives life to its fullest.

I spent my Monday evenings at my favourite coffee shop, Le Petit Flore, where I sat down to study for my classes or to keep working. Again, it wasn’t so much about the coffee or the food. Don’t get me wrong, the food is great, the coffee is amazing and the desserts are just a mouth-watering. It was about the waiters and waitresses working there with whom I had the chance to connect, laugh and enjoy the evening. For me, it almost felt like a second home, a place of refuge. So, thank you Charles, Ève, Sam and Louis if you read this. You guys are the best and you have no idea how happy it made be to spend time there! 😉

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to travel with a light heart. So, I had some very heavy conversations with my parents and family, put to rest old disputes and told them I loved them. I spent time with my oldest friends and wished them to be happy and that I also loved them. Heck, I’ve reconnected with some of them in a way I hadn’t in so long. I don’t know why we don’t do these things before we are about to leave. We must be retarded I guess. Or maybe it’s just me?

So truly, when I think about the things I leave behind, there’s some sad stuff, like a broken heart and people I loved that I can’t see anymore, but some happy stuff too like friends, family and the new people I met. It’s not an easy thing to do and although I will come back, you never know. And that’s the whole reason I did all of what I did in the last two months. Because you never know.

All the new people

All in all, I managed to reconnect with my true self that I had lost for many MANY years. Mainly, thanks to all my friends, family and those new connections I made in the last two months alone. Can you imagine what will happen in the next two months while I travel? It makes me very exited!

Dragriffin out!

Today’s item on the list

  • Enjoy an absolutly amazing dessert.  (In this case a piece of Dark Chocolat Pecan Pie at Le Petit Flore.)

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