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Hey guys!

My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic:


Last time I wrote to you guys was a week and half ago. Yes, I know, it’s been a while and I want to let you know I’m alive. I’m better then alive, I’m awesome. (Please review article on my road to awesomeness, haha!).

So, it’s been a hectic week with a mix of work, conferences, conversations, planning, eating and dancing. You know how those conferences are! You don’t? Oh, well I’m sorry then. To make it short and sweet, we basically meet up with a lot of people, some we know, some we don’t. Then, we have a variety of conferences in between which we get in touch with all those people. We share ideas, last year’s highlights and what’s coming next. It’s great. Doesn’t it sound great? It is, I swear! You might think it’s a leisure ride, but we are hard at work and after work, well, we are hard at party. Which makes the following day even more challenging.

All these meetings happened in Victoria, BC. I’ve never been in Victoria and most of the people I met on the street or working there seem to also be from outside Victoria. People seem to visit Victoria and end up living there. You know what? I get it. It’s a beautiful place, you are close to so much nature and it’s nice and cozy. IMG_0720.JPGThey seem to have little to now winter either… Except this year. Heck, I think everyone had one crazy winter this year. To come back to beautiful Victoria, I almost ended up staying there myself. Well, I thought about it and how it would be to live there. It’s not a bad lifestyle. Food for thought. I even went for a 10k run. Yes, an official one that I registered 10 minutes prior to them closing. I beat my own personal record, so I’m guessing I must be on the right track to somewhere. Right?

Through those meetings, I also get in touch with people I haven’t seen for a year. Basically, since our last meeting. It’s really something to meet up with them, share your last year story and reconnect with them. IMG_0460So many things happen in a year and it always make me a bit sad that I can’t get to experience more of it with those that I met through the years. People always come and go. Sometimes, even love comes and goes, although we somehow still hope it will last. I still hope too. But life will let you know how it will all go down.

Through this week, I also had the pleasure of meeting Patricia. What, you don’t know Patricia? You should. She’s a darling of an old lady that sees the future, through the bottom of a beer, with amazing dancing moves. I laughed. We all did. She told us she had just found out she has leuchimia and no desire to fight back… We stopped laughing. She didn’t and she told us we shouldn’t either. She wants to celebrate and have fun, so we better have fun with her. So, we drank and danced with her. What an amazing person.

I met quite a bunch of colorful people. From the Indian lady handing me a homemade chilly and calling me “Love” with a British accent,


to the rocker that never stopped playing and telling people they have great smiles and they shouldn’t lose them. Maybe you should try and talk to strangers more often. Open your world and break the narrow view we develop through routine and daily life. It might make things lighter and give you a different perspective.

In the meantime, I’m reconnecting with myself as well as old friends. And that counts for a lot.

Dragriffin out!

Today’s item on the list:

  • Running an official 10k under 50 minutes!

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