Taking a Moment

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Taking a Moment

Here I am, back in Beijing and thinking of Thailand. I haven’t written anything about Pattaya or the beaches. Reasons for not doing so? I guess it felt more something for myself. Sometimes, it’s nice to do something just for yourself. I will give you a very quick resume of my days in Thailand at the beach.

Wake up – Breakfast – Fairy to Island – Rent a scooter – Travel all over Island and to different beaches – Hiking – Eat local food – Get a Thai Massage (real one, no fake stuff here) – Repeat.


It was a very easy-going time and I didn’t do anything but enjoy every minute of it. I didn’t do anything too exciting besides some hiking and rock climbing. “Wait, aren’t you a social butterfly?” one might say. It sounds like I went full on solo here. Yes. Yes I did. Why not? It’s okay to fly solo from time to time.

What about the city of Pattaya? I barely saw it. I did go walking on the reputable “Walking street”. Walking StreetBy reputable, I mean the famous street where you have a lineup of gogo bars, strippers, lady-boys, prostitutes, “Thai massages” (the fake ones here…) and other more than uncomfortable sights. Some might say “YEAH Man! Sounds awesome!”, while the rest will think “Argh, men. Disgusting pigs.” Well, sorry to spoil your fun here. I walked there during the evening because the city is dead during the day. And I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life… Heck, I never felt more turned down in my life either. A street where the main objective is to arouse travelers turned me completely off. Weird, I know! But I’m really not looking for that while I travel. Only thing I’m looking for are those moments of absolute peace. I don’t know if you heard of them.20170707091859_IMG_1984

Let me tell you about those moments. They are more exciting than any one-night stand, more exhilarating than those fake Thai massages. That’s just my opinion you would say. But these moments happen from time to time when you travel, or sometimes even back at home, but it’s harder because life seems to take you over. I lived a couple of them when I was on top of a mountain, or after I just ran for a while and I have to stop to take that moment in. It’s not related to accomplishing something like climbing a mountain or running. It’s related to a state of mind.

I’ll tell you about the one on the beach (present tense describes it better. Read as if you are living it).


“Just as I’m watching the waves rolling in, time slows down a little. The wind blows slightly fresher then the warm humid air. You hear nothing but the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. You don’t think of anything. Your entire body is dedicated to absorbing this exact moment as you have chills on your skin. Your breath slows down as to not break this balance, but you breathe deeper. It lasts but a few seconds. Your hair rises on your skin and a slight fear creeps in. The thought of never having such a moment again creeps in and give you goosebumps. So you take it all in. Every hearth beat of it. And just as you release your breath, the magic brakes. Time is back to normal and you would wish to take it back. But you can only hope for another one.”

I might not do entire justice to how I live these moments and some might describe them differently, but it’s as close as I can get. For those that lived them before, they know what I mean. A lot of the people that know about them spend the rest of their lives chasing them down. They are never ending travelers and they inspire the rest of us to “live the moment”.

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  • Do something solely for myself.

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