Exploring the Beijing “Artsy” World

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Exploring the Beijing ‘Artsy’ World

I spent the last day, prior to my roommate leaving, strolling through the art district in Beijing. That would be 798 Art Zone. That’s what she wanted to do as her last day in Beijing. She’ll be leaving Beijing behind for a while. One year, two years, a lifetime. Who knows. It’s the expat life after all and sometimes, you just follow the path laid in front of you and see where it brings you. I know, it’s exciting. Scary for some, but exciting for others. Or both. Both is good too.

As mentioned, it’s her last day in Beijing (she’s leaving the same night) and wanted to go there because this was a place she hasn’t visited since when she came to China. We came together with our other roommates to stroll through the art district. Get inspired maybe? Nah… Just having fun without any real purpose was enough for us. And it was fun. It was great to just roam around, admire different art pieces and to see the number of people that liked doing the same. There were a lot of tourists and foreigners here. You have to understand that I always get amazed when I see foreigners because I don’t go to places that have that many tourists in general. I’m usually the red hair (blond hair? Dark blond hair? Not sure what color I’m falling in) in the sea of Chinese black hair.

We spent half of our time chasing down our two love birds that kept getting lost (our new roommates are a couple). Key words were always “GUYS! Where are you?!”. The other half, we actually paid attention to the art around us and the different expositions.

I was having a lot of fun filming. This time, I didn’t talk so much. I know, I talk so much usually. Dreadful! But it’s a vlog. So I’m expected to bore your ass off with my never ending monologues. Right?! Right. I was searching for nice images. Almost like the perfect photograph, but aiming for those magical scenes. I’m no cameraman. I’m no movie producer. Heck, you saw my videos. It’s as amateur as it can come. But it’s my hobby none the less and it allows me to look around. Forces me to pay attention. Most of all, I focused on the people I was with. While I’m writing this, I haven’t even seen the footage yet. So I will either be pleasantly surprised or cry myself to sleep.

It was fun to share in their joy of being together, even though we also knew it will be the last time for a very long while. Goodbyes don’t need to be sad. They can be fun and most of all, they can be happy because we are going to see each other again. Before I left, I was soo much under the impression that the world is big and the destinations were so far away. But now, it feels a lot smaller than it used to be. I’m regularly chatting with people from three different continents. Sometimes even video chat. And it feels so close that you forget about the distance, the time zones and everything. You just need to take the time to do it. That’s how you develop connections way beyond just being in the same city. If you don’t take the time to do it, you are just passing by amazing conversations, connections and sometimes, a deeper friendship.

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Today’s item on the list:

  • Explore some local expositions and/or museum.

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