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 Why Have I Been so Quiet Lately?

Last official post before the one on finding an apartment is dated back to July 30th. So what happened? No videos, barely any Instagram pictures and no blog entries. A couple of things happen. Let’s start with the first one that is related to work. I did a quick teaser about it on Instagram but never had time to move forward with it.

Early august I left for 4 days to Taiwan to meet with the owner of Inox-Motion for a job. I ended up sleeping at the company (they have a sort of apartment for the people visiting from overseas) and I ended up working most of my time and stuck at the company from my lack of not having an international drivers license. Work?! Yes, work. Basically, I started with this new company as their marketing director. There’s a lot of work ahead to do for them because, although their background is built on many years of experience and is full of successful projects, they are literally invisible on the web. My job is to make them visible, mainly for the Chinese market.IMG_2153 I will still be based in Beijing with the occasional Taiwan (Tainan City), Xiamen or somewhere else trips. Funny things is that while I’m applying for a working visa in China, the company is based in Taiwan and their headquarter in Canada. Bottom line, I have no idea what the work visa will help me with besides allowing me to spend more time in China without the occasional visa trip.

Since I worked a lot in such a little amount of time, I didn’t see anything of Taiwan. I had 3 hours in Taipei before my flight back. But from what I saw, I wouldn’t mind going back. It’s cleaner than Beijing, less polluted and better organised. It also gave me a “New York-y” vibe. I’ll admit that is was very hot. And as some of you might know, I don’t fair well under the heat…

IMG_2162Unfortunately, my material for Taiwan is so limited and I was in such a hurry, that when I reviewed it, I felt it was bland. And I decided that I don’t want my videos to be just spewed up things I say on the camera. I prefer to post better quality from now on but less frequently or only when I’m actually satisfied with what I produce. But that doesn’t explain the lack of blog entries or Instagram.

Well, here’s the cold truth people. I got sick. One of my roommates got a cold (during summer, I know). Evidently, we all ended up sick and I was in a pretty bad state. Fever and all. When you first get a cold in Beijing, they call it a Beijing Cold. It hits you like a truck! And while being all sick, I hit the wall that most expats eventually hit. The loneliness wall. (*FYI* Serious part coming here… But it’s part of the game of traveling for a living. So take notes kids.)

I ended up stuck in my room for 3 days. Going only out to eat a little. But for three days, no natural light, felt as alone as you can. Heck, I think a prison cell might have been more joyful. And to my BIGGEST disappointed, my roommates being also sick were useless. So for the first time, I felt really alone. No friends, no family, no love… It was like a depression for 3 long and lonely days. I started questioning every life decision that brought me to that moment. It’s not easy. And my conversation with some friends from half way across the world, also expats, allowed me to understand that you feel very lonely as an expat. IMG_0842Finding good friends while traveling is very challenging and it can take forever if you find friends. But in the end, you are alone and you spend a lot of time reflecting on yourself. I was even thinking of just going back home, to Canada. And then, I wondered what I would be going back too? No job, no lover, living with my parents while I get a new job and apartment? Of course, I have some friends, but that didn’t make sense to me nor the reason why I left. I got out of my dungeon after being sick for those couple of days with a renewed conviction. I’m here to stay for a good while and achieve greater things for myself. Until now, I was afraid of committing to anything. But I see quite a lot of opportunity here for me and I might as well double my efforts on the Chinese learning because the Russian Restaurant Roulette has got to end…

Dragriffin out!

Today’s item on the list:

  • Move forward with this new part of my life. (Sometimes you get stuck in limbo and moving forward with your life is a must have on your list).

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