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My name is DRAGOŞ and welcome to today’s topic:

My Name is Dragoş

Following a conversation with a good friend of mine, he suggested to me that I should use my real name on the blog. I asked him why and he just said. “This blog is you. Not a persona. Make it fully the authentic you.” I’m going to keep Dragriffin for my Youtube channel, but this blog is me, my experience and my vision of my life right now. I will use my real name from now on. Which is Dragoş. I AM DRAGOŞ!

So who is Dragoş anyway and why the hell is there a little symbol under the “S” ?! Well, it’s easy, the symbol is there to help you pronounce my name the right way. Don’t mess it up! Which is like “Dragosh”. Coffee shopI will only use the symbol here because it’s bothersome to add it while writing (special symbol on my keyboard) and I’m not a fan of bothersome stuff.  Moving away from the art of pronouncing my name correctly now.

So what else does my use of my own personal name give you, dear readers, besides a nice tong twister? It will allow you to connect more personally with me, first. Second, it will allow me to make my texts also a bit more personal and hopefully, transpire fully the type of person I am. Maybe even give you the desire to hangout if you happen to drop by in China. Nice right? Creepy people and stalkers, please behave! IMG_2182So what have I been up too since my last post. The whole “life is hard, I’m sick, but I’m pig headed so I’ll stay in China anyway!” (Fake it till you make it, maybe?)

Well… this Dragos has found himself a decent place to live in. Now before I show you the nice place, allow me to share the place I lived in for the last 3 months. I haven’t posted these pictures before simply because… I didn’t want to make my mom cry. Sorry mom! So basically, you have here my old place (the stuff on the bed is because I took the pictures the day I was moving out) in all it’s cockroachy glory. Behold, the Cockroach Kingdom!

And my room, that was so warmly called the dungeon… Yes, no windows. It’s like Las Vegas, without the extra oxygen and the sweet scent of moldiness. Which might also explain my sickness lately. Scary, right? I’ll post a video soon for the transition from shithole to mansion.

Now here’s my new place. Nice, cozy, clean. View on the polluted city. It’s like I’m living in the clouds! But when there’s less pollution, we actually have a really nice view. I moved in with a new found Australian friend and two French girls, from France. 3 students and an old man (me).

It will be promising. Now all I need to do is find that amazing high speed internet connection setup the best VPN possible and enjoy the ride of smooth internet surfing, streaming and, of course, vlogging. I can’t wait to get back to it. It became increasingly hard to motivate myself to fight through the slowness or sometimes absence of internet at my old place. I intend to fully correct this.

Finally, besides the move, the internet, the dungeon, I’ve also had quite a couple of interesting adventures… OUH! GIRLS! RIGHT?! No. Well sort of. It’s complicated. It doesn’t involve any relations, it does involve girls, but in a professional context. So while I’m waiting dearly for my work visa (I know, it takes forever), I found this part time gig that doesn’t register under your “real job” feats. Basically, I’m in partnership with this Chinese guy. Gong Yue. Cool dude. And he needed some help finding girls for a club. I went like “ouh, nice, like a promoter”. A bit of extra cash on the side is better then nothing at all. So I start recruiting… To Be Continued (YOU MONSTER!)

Dragos out!

Today’s item on the list:

Find a descent place to live in that will not make my mom cry.

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