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How I Became a Pimp (sort of…)

As mentioned in my last article, I started recruiting girls for a club, like a promoter. Bring nice pretty girls, foreigners, they make some money, drink for free and attract more people to the club. Now hear me out here. I did not know exactly what type of club it was, but when I found out, I kind felt like a pimp… I have two things to clarify first here. I’m still a virgin in this country. So I’m not your round of the mill running with my dick around guy to sleep with girls around me. Heck, I’m more on the old fashion side and right now, sleeping with random woman kills me off slowly for personal reasons. I prefer to stay a virgin. Those that are close to me know why. If you don’t, it’s okay too. So that’s the first part.

The second part is about I should tell this story or not. I hesitated a long while before telling this one (3 days), because… well. It felt like the kind a thing you wouldn’t tell your mom and knowing her, she reads my blog… Hi Mom! I’m sorry! I was a gentleman, don’t worry. You raised me right. I think… Why I want to tell this story? Well simply because it’s part of my weird adventures and it’s why I travel. To try new stuff. On to the story!20170817_170716

Now this guy, Gong Yue, has some problems expressing himself in English. Mainly, he just doesn’t. So through the miracle of technology, we ended up talking through WeChat (translate) and other tools where he explained to me what the club was. Sort of Karaoke place. Weird place I thought, but given that Chinese love Karaoke, I made little of it. So I bring the girls I met, 4 girls, to meet him up at the club and hopefully for them to be accepted and they can work (drink and party). I get there and my reaction was quite literally “What the F*CK!?” Gong Yue didn’t lie. It was a KTV… with private rooms, lots of gold and sparkle everywhere for the very rich men of Beijing that want to look cool.

Girls are surprised too, but give it a try none the less. So I discover how things work as they do. Gong Yue tells me these are MY girls and I’m responsible for them… (Sounds familiar?) Since I’m kinda freaking out a bit, I can only imagine the girls. So what is this (besides the pictures you have here?). Basically, private KTV rooms, very richly decorated for the very rich men that want to look cool because beautiful foreign women sit with them. You heard me right. They are foreign women, just sitting with them, not understanding them, making them drink and laughing at/with them for their Karaoke exploits… Can you judge? Yes… yes you can. Girls go into each room in groups of 4 or 5. Ugly dudes select the girls they prefer and the move to the next batch until they have the number they wanted. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls waiting for another room to be free are just… waiting. So weird. My girls work (good, it means they looked nice enough for the required standard of the place).20170817_155129 But the experience for them varied. They kept me posted, I stayed there waiting until 3AM to make sure all is fine. Rules are very strict. No touching, no kissing, no sex. But guys drink and they have money. Obviously, they come with the sweet aroma some pigs have, or not. From the 4 girls, 3 are fine, but don’t really like it. The fourth one was forced to drink 2 beers in a row (straight up). She didn’t like it and the rich guy decided she wasn’t cool enough for his appearance and throws her out of his room (not literally here). I discover that when this happens, well, you don’t get paid. She cries and feels she’s be treated like trash. She’s right. She was. I’m mad and tell off to my partner. He pays her accordingly and with this very narly experience, I call it quits.

It’s not for me. It’s part of a culture I had no idea it even existed in China and I experienced it almost first hand. The whole “women sitting with men” popular among higher class and richer people. The girls I brought to try it out are the real ones to experience it fully and I respect these girls and all those that I met there and that actually made it their main income. It’s not sex, but it’s a job focused only on looks and the level of disrespect one can live is astonishing. There’s no bad job and money is money at the end of the day. But I believe that one should never disrespect someone else’s hard work.

The funny thing in all of this is that, although all of it was legal, I still had this whole vibe of “underground” world. And one can make serious money if you are willing to put aside your values a little bit. You need to manage 10 to 15 girls that work almost full time to get a decent income worth the trouble. But with the amount of things I’ve seen, I prefer not to be the one responsible to bring these girls into this kind of job. Only word that kept on coming to me through the whole thing was “Weird”.20170817_132103 This was weird and I still don’t really get why one would pay only to sit to a nice looking foreigner to look cool and sing like a retard Karaoke song that he barely understands the words himself. Life brings you to some strange places… I prefer to go to bed early. Call me an old man if you want.

The subject would actually make a great documentary on this weird industry, but this is not the purpose of this blog. IF you really insist on learning more, just let me know. You’ve got the comments, the facebook page. No lack of ways of asking!

Dragos out!

Today’s item on the list:

Help someone that needs it. In this case, I was also responsible for bringing this girl at the club. Call it amends if you want, but I did the right thing when it counted. Including paying her taxi back home and making sure she was fine. Best of luck little one!

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