Doing a Life Review

Well, I think it’s about time to make a review of what my daily life looks like so you get an idea of how I live through my expat life in China. While a lot of you have their own lives where you go to work, come back home, wait desperately for one of my articles and then start again until the week-end arrives so you can go out and date like crazy until you find your one true love or just enjoy quality time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, I also have my own daily life. This article is about the normality of life here in China, continents apart from my old home. About how little different our lives can be from one place to another. “Wait, so in China, you don’t live a completely different life, upside down?” No people, this isn’t Australia.

20170823_130400First off, my objective here in China is as following : clean slate of my life. Putting everything in the past where it belongs. Clear any burdens from my old life. And start fresh the next big adventure with both mind and body. No easy task you would say. True, I feel like I kind of put my whole life on hold until I sort those things out while the rest of the world keeps moving. But I’m still moving on none the less. Instead of searching for love or companionship, I’m looking for a better version of myself.


One version that is above everything else I ever was in my life so I will never repeat the same mistakes. “Wow, so profound!” Right? Why else did I leave my old life for?

I plan to go back to Montreal one day, but a way better man. Who knows what will happen when I get back? I decided nothing is impossible and I will fight for it with everything I got once I get there. And here’s how I do it. How I become a better version of myself.

Overall daily schedule Monday to Sunday:

  • Train at the gym at 6AM 3 to 5 times a week. *That’s the body*
  • Go to work, teaching kids until 5PM. *That’s the money*
  • Use my two and half hour break in the day to either write this blog(once a week) or work as a marketing director for Inox-Motion. * That’s the mind + money*
  • Work from 18 to 22 as a marketing director for Inox-Motion when I’m not learning Chinese *Money*.
  • Chinese classes 2 to 3 times a week from 18h to 19.30 *Mind*
  • Work on a secret additional skill. “I’ve got a secret…”*Mind again*
  • Saturday, work from 8 to 16 (additional contracts). *Money*
  • Thursday night, play rugby with new mates. *Body*
  • Run with one of the moms that I teach her kid, once a week *Body*.
  • Sunday, work for Inox-Motion. *Money*
  • Saturday, go out and enjoy a little.
  • Evenings, I try to cook. If I’m too lazy, go out for cheap yet stupidly delicious food. But I prefer homemade food.20170929_203441[1]

So let’s do the maths. I am busy from Monday to Friday from 6AM to 22. Then, Saturday from 8 to 16. And Sunday again. Yup kids, working, training and learning 7 days a week. “You’re mental.” Yes, I keep myself busy, stop myself from overthinking and try to learn and acquire new skills. I try to grow up from an older version of myself that was already broken before being completely shattered by life events. In other words, I’m just building myself up again. And hopefully, this time, I will do it right.

Don’t worry, I will never ask anyone to do so many drastic things. But if it inspires you to also try to better yourself a little, you will only own it to yourself. Not to me. This is not that kind of blog after all.

Dragos out!

Today’s item on the list :

  • Subscribe at a local gym and keep training.

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