Discovering Huangshan Mountain

A good friend of mine decided to come and visit me in China. Being the person that I am, I obviously took some time off from my very busy schedule to travel with her and discover a bit of China together.IMG_2716 I want to talk about one of those destinations, which is Huangshan or more commonly known by their English name, Yellow Mountains. What are the yellow mountains?! Check the pictures I have here or google it. You’re a responsible adult, so you should be fine finding more about it.

Before I came here, some Chinese friends told me that once you see Huangshan, you will never find more beautiful mountains. I doubt it. So here I am, writing this article on top of the mountain about my experience. 20171019_233531Were my friends right? Well, yes and no. They never saw the Rockies back in Canada, so they can’t understand. But to be honest, you just can’t compare because these mountains are a bit surreal. They are indeed incredible and event mystical. They have these ever-lasting clouds at the bottom that gives you the feeling you are high up in the sky and that dragons or other mythical beast can come out at any moment.IMG_2633 Our first day here started with a bit of a disappointment. Cloudy, not rainy, but foggy enough to not see anything. We were able to hear your typical “Chinese guide” scream in these dreadful little speakers through the fog. God I wish I found them in the mist and strangle them before throwing them off the cliff. Whaaaa?! We all have fantasies and if you were here, you would probably do it even if there was no fog. Those little speakers can kill off the most magical moments. Moving on.

Here we were, walking through the thick mist, not seeing 5 meters in front of us, climbing stairs, staring into nothingness. We ended up like a lot of Chinese artist, inspired. We got deep thoughts and life reflections. The mist, the never-ending stairs, the unknown and the closeness to falling into nothingness became a reflection of how life feels most of the time. We make plans, we make choices at crossroads, but that mist just tells you of how little you actually know where you are heading. The stairs become hardships, the mountain tops become victories. But when you reach a mountain top and it’s foggy, it’s sort of a bitter victory. Was it the correct path? And then, through all those deep thoughts, a wind blew strong through the mountains and cleared up everything.IMG_2631.JPG The revelation of what life can truly be. An amazing never-ending discovery. There we were, inspired by these moments. In the end, even if you get lost through these mountains, you always end up having one amazing view after another. You just need to look up. Go through the hardship of those god damn stairs (maybe steal and throw one of those speakers from the guides and throw it out there). Once you reach the top, it just becomes amazing and it’s all worth it. Any road is worth it.

I know, these are very inspirational20171020_000458 words and it feels like life lessons. But this is how these mountains talked to me, in a way. Talked to you, really? Should we call someone? No, not crazy. Ok, maybe a little, but the good kind. There’s a good kind of crazy, right? Right! So, just like an artist gets inspired to make a painting on these, I also got inspired to not only write about them, but reflect on certain aspects of life, accept some hardships while knowing that there’s always an amazing view just a few steps higher! But besides the reflections, the deep thoughts, there was at least one thought that stuck with me the whole while. “Man, I think I’m in the film AVATAR! SO COOL!!!” It doesn’t need to always be serious. Sometimes, it can be just fun!

Dragos out!

Today’s item on the list :

  • Find one word to best scream at the heavens and yell it till my lungs explode!

What’s the word? “Never”. Why never?  Because for me, it symbolises the irony of my life. A negative word that can be used for so many positive situations. Like the following : “Never give up”. “Never stop loving”, “Never stop moving forward”. I know, there’s other ways of putting things in a more positive perspective. But sometimes, life is not positive. I took the negative and made it into a positive. Just deal with it!

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