Meet the Roomies

TheRoomiesI know, it sounds like the name of a band and if we were all playing an instrument, were able to sing and not tone deaf like me, we would probably be a band. Therefore, not a band. We are 4 roommates in an apartment we came to call “The Mansion” (Simon and I mostly). Now I realize there’s a huge chance they might also read this article. Mainly because I asked permission to write about them. Since when do you ask permission?! Sometimes I do. Sometimes… Anyway, if they do read this, they might learn what I think about them. Oh..oh… No worries. It’s always a question of perception and thank god for them, I have good things to say (Or I wouldn’t have asked for their permission in the first place, hahaha!).

SimonWho are the Roomies? Well, you have Trendy Aussie Simon, which also has a blog. I just made up the nickname. No one ever called him that. But I believe he’s one of those trendy guys. He’s Australian, curious about new things, follows the trendy vibes and he’s the cool guy people like to know. I met him when both of us were desperately looking for a place we could call home and then found one that we desperately wanted to get our hands on. We managed to convince two crazy girls to join us. By some miracle, they said yes before even seeing the apartment. I know, crazy! But I’m thankful they did.

Simon and I connected pretty fast. He’s relaxed and likes a clean apartment. So do I. That was already enough for us. We can easily just chill together. As I told you, he’s the cool guy people like to know. He does get to surprise you every now and then by doing something a bit crazy. Like doing a meditation stance on a pole at the botanical garden.

Claire et Pauline

He naturally enjoys life, likes exploring, trying new stuff, learning new things and have fun. He traveled quite a bit and we both share a passion for good coffee. Perfect couple, right?

Then you have the two crazy girls that said yes to start living in an apartment they never saw with two strangers they never met. Their both French. So that would explain the crazy part. Right? Ok, maybe not.

PaulineFirst you have Pauline, the youngest of our non-musical band. Perky Happy Go Lucky Pauline. No one ever named her that either. Pauline is this small, overly confident bubble of happiness. “I’m sure it will be fine” would define her best. And even if shit hits the fan, she will say something like “well shit happened, no point wasting time on it”. You get what I mean? She loves debating. On any topics. Maybe even all topics. Unfortunately, I have a hard time walking away from it. She likes being right. I like proving people wrong. Simon and PaulineTherefore, you get the perfect “sitcom” that is quite entertaining to the other roommates, mainly Claire. Besides her stubbornness to be always right, Pauline is this funny, happy and easygoing person that genuinely worries about others. I haven’t known her much, but something tells me that when you become her friend, you will find a very loyal person in her and she will be the first to tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. She’ll be there for you and it’s a warm feeling to know that.

TheRoomies2And finally, you have Claire, Pauline’s friend and the other crazy French roommate. Nutella Addict, Life Loving, Overly Energetic Claire. Claire is indeed addicted to Nutella. We have a Nutella pot for our Sunday pancakes that I have to hide, bring it out on Sunday for the pancakes and then hide it again. She asked me to do it because… well Nutella. No other reasons needed. She’s this enthusiastic, driven and insanely rationalized person. She’s amazing at drawing (her pastime) and she drew us all. Yes, we look like us on her drawing. Heck, I look better in her drawings then real life. She rationalizes her decisions, her feelings and she likes being in control of her life. She works with the “you choose to be happy” philosophy. She almost makes it her mission to spread that around her. It doesn’t always work, because people can be stubborn, me being first. But she keeps trying and that will eventually get to you. I train with her. I cook with her. She’s a great motivator and she’s driven by life experiences. “I’m here in China because I wanted to try something different. So I will try what I feel like! Let’s go there! Move!” She’s contagious. And I believe she’s the one that creates the most the “family” vibe we have in our apartment.

Wow! Perfect roommates! Nah. No one is perfect. But I do feel lucky. Because, like every family, we do our best to support each other, kick our asses when need be and spend good quality time together. At the end of the day, we have fun in our little mansion and we managed to make it our temporary home away from home.

Dragos out!

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