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Last article, I mentioned I started a marketing consulting career. I’m not working for a specific company, I’m working for myself. Really, new business venture? Yeah, I’m stubborn. But this article is not about my dream or even my marketing consulting career. It’s about the reason I started it.


Not too long ago, I met this guy, Nickle. We talked a little and I told him about my background and he told me about his company and his dream. His dream is Kakuka. You might have seen it a little on my Facebook feed. But I wanted to write directly about it. You will soon start seeing it a whole lot more, so apologies in advance.

Nickle asked me to become their marketing strategy consultant to help Kakuka appeal to the western market. He said that he saw something in me and believes in me. Just like I saw something in him and that I believe in him and his dream. It’s no small challenge. Dealing with limited resources as this is a start-up and going after angel investors in a Chinese market that fears investments after 2015-16 bad results brings loads of challenges. Although Kakuka is not just an idea pitched at the investors as its already up and running with users on the platform, investors still tread carefully. No one ever said it will be easy.


Yet here we are, testing different strategy to create the magic of “viral” online for the app. Working with the developers to bring new features, streamline the app, make it nicer, better, cooler and even smarter. Working and building strategies for and with the freelancers to promote the app on different social media platforms that require each its own strategy and SEO parameters. Scrambling your head to be different from the rest, to stand out from the crowd. I’m going through constant thoughts and ideas that can make sense for our current level of development. More than a marketing consulting career, I wish to see this app become a success story. Do I win from it? Yes, naturally. But man… to see these guys work so hard and believe so earnestly in this dream of theirs. Worth way more than the rest.

This is a video social media platform in a world of giants, the David versus Goliath. Kakuka is not Facebook, it’s not Instagram nor Twitter or Snapchat. It’s different in its own way, bringing only videos at the forefront of sharing with friends. Even more, Nickle wants to offer a chance to regular you and me to communicate without being overwhelmed by the Youtubers popularity or Instagrammers Fame. So why do I believe in it?

First, when I started working with the team over at Kakuka, we established a brand personality. Three key words. Simple, Creative, Fun. I know, creative can be quite vague and needs a lot more meat around the bone. But for us, it meant only one thing. Constant outside the box thinking. I kept the conversation going. I asked Nickle what he wants to offer with this app? And he simply said he wants to offer people a chance to be themselves and connect with true friends in this wild world. No need to be great or beautiful, just to be yourself and find people that you relate too, connect with and start a conversation and share ideas.

So here we are. A bunch of dreamers together, thinking about how to create “viral” in a world where there isn’t a magic recipe for it, no matter what Hacking Growth says. You can try, but to be fully honest here, you need not only to be amazing at what you do, you also need to believe a whole lot in it. And you know what, we all believe in it. That’s how you tackle your dreams. When’s the last time you believed in something impossible?

Dragos Out!

Today’s item on the list:

  • Believe the impossible can happen.

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