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How to Hold a Conversation

Now I know this title seems a bit out of the norm and thank god this blog is not SEO oriented or I will scold myself. But I felt like writing, just for myself and you must take the inspiration when it comes, right? Okay, maybe not while delivering a baby in ER or during an important meeting, because that would be just awkward. “Sorry guys, inspiration just came, so here’s the scalpel, you need to make a caesarean, best of luck! Byyyiiiiii….” No one said ever. Anyway, moving on from these little fantasies of mine to share a little with you all, around a beer. So what’s new Dragos? It’s been a while and you are living in another country too. “Same old, same old.” End of conversation.

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Isn’t that just hateful when it happens? I will admit that I’m part of those that usually says, “Same old, same old.” But nothing is the same. Ever.  We meet new people, we live a new day, we try something new, so that answer is just frustrating in a way, isn’t it? I’m trying to correct myself a little so that I can give out at least one new thing that happen every time someone asks me about it. But lucky you, here, I’ll share a lot more then one thing.

First off, spring hit Beijing like a brick. It came fast, it was unexpected, and then it was over. You ever heard of a brick that stays in your face? Me neither. Spring was very short lived. Flowers all over, super cute and then, the sun came out and it was hot. Already have to think about showering yourself in sunscreen because the summers can be quite hot in Beijing.

What else is new? Well, I found my new place for religious praying. Since when am I religious? Well, when you discover this place, hard not to come pray to it. It’s called “Boucherie Française” and they have this amazing selection of cheese, wine and sausages. I kid you not, I became emotional in front of good cheese. Cheese is not a thing in China. Fermented milk?! What’s wrong with you white people? Milk is not quite there in China. Mostly, kids drink it. Cheese is just not part of the culture, at all. For us expats… it’s painful. Hipster, Welcome, Hutongs, Beijing Hutongs, Discover Beijing, Travel, China, Hidden GemsEven smoked sausages are not that much of a thing. But since I discovered this hidden little gem, and no exaggerations here by hidden, as the size of the banner announcing it is just so small. Just spotting it was pure miracle, hence the praying in this sacred place. May you never go away “Boucherie Française Chez Henri”! Praise be the cheese and sausage. Amen.

Finally, on the list of new stuff, I revamped the website a little bit. I’ll keep updating it and give it more structure with categories and all because it turns out I wrote quite a lot of stuff. Puppy, Dog, Cute Dog, Long hair dog, China, travel, Temple, Animals, Dog loversMy content will now be organized based on different categories, like Daily Life of a Roamer (Personal Thoughts such as this article), Career (My Personal Path), Marketing Agency (Content), Start Up (How to), On the Road (Travel Adventures), Backpackers Corner (Travel Tips). I’ll spend some time organizing my previous posts in the following weeks and try to make the whole thing “nice looking” and useful in one way or another.

Overall, the adventure is ongoing with work piling up, stress eating, stress not eating, projects on the table, and maybe, MAYBE a soon to be released new Youtube Channel. Get very excited about this one as the whole channel is revamped, the content is awesome and most of all, it’s going to be funny and you will laugh. I hope. Maybe.

That’s all folks!

Dragos out!

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