Bring your Towel

Hey guys, my name is Dragos and welcome to today’s topic : Bring your towel! I’ve been gone for now 4 months. Moved into a new apartment (the less cockroachy kind). I even subscribed to a gym because on heavy pollution days, if you want to keep training, you need a gym, with air filters. I…Read more Bring your Towel

Why Have I Been so Quiet Lately?

Hey guys, My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic:  Why Have I Been so Quiet Lately? Last official post before the one on finding an apartment is dated back to July 30th. So what happened? No videos, barely any Instagram pictures and no blog entries. A couple of things happen. Let’s start with the first…Read more Why Have I Been so Quiet Lately?

Lights on the Wall

Hey guys, My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today’s topic: Lights on the Wall Every now and then, you get the chance to experience something amazing. Or least, you are told it’s going to be amazing. Then they change the venue, they move around, they change the rules and say “no refund on the…Read more Lights on the Wall

The Things you Leave Behind

Hey guys! My name is Dragriffin and welcome to today's topic: The things you leave behind **I know this article might be a bit more serious, but sometimes, it's okay. Wouldn't you agree? You'll enjoy it anyway! ** The picture here is something I put together back in May when I turned 30 and it represented all the people…Read more The Things you Leave Behind