My online name is Dragriffin. I have a real name, but I find this one pretty cool. I’ve been using this online for years. So I decided to just go with it for this big project.

I’m a traveler, an adventurer, a dreamer and a foodie. You can’t call yourself a traveler if you don’t enjoy the local specialties, right? I take videos, I take pictures, and of course, I write for this blog. I’m the founder of it. But truly, it doesn’t really mean anything here. We’re all roamographers! #comeroamwithme 

I’m also a part-time gamer, which basically means that I play when I get the chance. So if I get my hands on a game worth sharing, I’ll do just that.

Most of my content will be available on Youtube or Instagram. But sometimes, traveling brings you to internet restricted countries. So I’ll post the content here before pushing it later onto my main platforms.

Dragriffin out!

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